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Director of Machine Learning



Software Engineering, Other Engineering · Full-time
Posted on Monday, May 20, 2024


At Agorus, our mission is to mend the tattered dream of home ownership by making it possible to build homes better and faster. Our technologies weave together robotics, software, and homebuilding craft. But what truly sets us apart is our culture of humble and collaborative teamwork.

We are actively seeking a visionary leader for our ML efforts, someone who believes in the transformative opportunities for ML to shape our homes and living spaces. While many companies are just looking for someone to hide OpenAI calls in a trenchcoat, we want a true artist to paint magical new experiences in ways that are only possible with the world’s first whole homebuilding robots.



• Identify transformative use cases and prototype workflows for RNNs, GANs, and NeRFs

• Build data processing pipelines to manipulate existing 3D assets

• Invent new techniques to synthesize complex 3D assets from simpler voxel components and images

• Select, train, and evaluate various models in real-world scenarios involving sparse input data


• Operational familiarity with instance and semantic segmentation

• Veteran of voxel and pixel manipulations in non-Minecraft settings

• Understanding of how 3D assets are manipulated in video games including rigging, matrix transforms, IK solvers, and UV maps

• Strong communication and team skills


• Exposure to industrial automation hardware like multi-axis robots

• Sufficient patience and reading comprehension skills to read dry SIGGRAPH and arXiv papers

Agorus is an equal opportunity employer.

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