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Concrete is the most widely used building material on our planet. The only thing mankind uses more of is water. With a wave of urban development coming in the next few decades, concrete is also a rapidly growing trillion-dollar market. However, cement and concrete production is responsible for 8% of the global CO2 emissions, making its growth a big cause for concern. Low-carbon concrete exists - but until now it has been too sophisticated to be produced reliably and on a large scale. It contains very little burnt limestone - responsible for the strength of concrete and CO2 emissions. This makes low-carbon concrete vulnerable to fluctuations in raw materials and operating conditions and thus difficult to produce with reliable quality. Adding to the challenge: the final quality of concrete can only be measured weeks AFTER it has been processed on the construction site - far too late to be corrected. This is why our world is still built on more robust, high-carbon concrete. Using alcemy's software, cement and concrete producers receive precise quality predictions already during production. Based on these prediction models, our AI identifies which production parameters need to be adjusted to mitigate the impact of fluctuations. Thus, the quality of cement and concrete can be optimized BEFORE delivery – for the first time in history. The result is significantly more consistent product quality, allowing producers to safely replace burnt limestone with less expensive, low-carbon materials found in nature. In this way, they can also avoid payments for CO2 emission certificates in the EU. Saving costs, bringing production processes up to speed for 21st century concrete recipes, and saving half of Europe’s CO2 emissions goes hand in hand at alcemy. Join us on our journey to make low-carbon concrete a reality!

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