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Ambient Photonics
Ambient Photonics


Mill Valley, CA, USA


51-200 employees


Series A

founded in


The proliferation of connected devices promises to revolutionize consumer, commercial and industrial applications with greater convenience, lower operational costs and data-driven performance improvements. Already consumers have fallen in love with smart home conveniences, while many businesses have begun to reap the benefits of connected device driven efficiency gains such as electronic shelf labels and occupancy sensors. Giga scale applications for these technologies are around the corner: the potential exists for billions of wireless sensors to be installed during the coming decade, with nearly half located inside buildings. However, the challenge of reliably and affordably powering these devices has continued to limit IoT viability at scale. Connected electronics require continuous power, which until now has meant batteries that must be periodically replaced or recharged. Legacy photovoltaic technologies like amorphous silicon cells long used on solar calculators and childrens toys don’t yield sufficient power in the real-world, low light operational conditions for most IoT sensors. At the same time, the exorbitant price tag for high performance, low-light PV technologies like gallium arsenide cells has made them suitable only for space satellite and research applications, not mass-market electronics. Ambient has solved both the low power density and high cost problems of legacy low light PV technologies and created the world’s most powerful low light energy harvesting photovoltaic cells — making endless power for IoT electronics a reality for the first time.

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