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Founding Product Designer

Get Weatherized, Inc.

Get Weatherized, Inc.

Design · Full-time
Chicago, IL, USA · Remote
Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Give It to Me Quick

Get Weatherized exists to fight climate change. We’re going to do this by reducing residential emissions. This starts with a vertical SaaS offering, and we expect to quickly grow into a marketplace. We have funding, we’ve been building for several months, and we have several engaged pilot partners. Now, we’re looking for a Founding Product Designer to join our three-person team. This role covers everything, from our initial UI/UX needs, through company strategy. For the right person, this may be a keystone role in your career.

Alright, Tell Me More

Residential heating and cooling accounts for a whopping 10% of all ghg emissions in the United States. With insulation alone, that number can be reduced by >20%. For emphasis, something as simple as air sealing (i.e. putting foam in cracks) and insulation (spraying cellulose into the attic) can avoid gigatons of emitted CO2.

Currently, there are 28,000 insulation and weatherization contractors working in the US. Intriguingly, there isn’t a “go-to” software stack to help these hardworking small business owners run their companies. Enter Get Weatherized.

Our product is a CRM for residential insulation & weatherization companies. We believe that by helping companies operate more efficiently, we’ll increase the number of well-insulated homes, thereby reducing the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere for the sake of heating and cooling.

Additionally, there are some pretty substantial tailwinds in this space. Most notably, the Inflation Recovery Act (IRA) has created billions of dollars of credits and rebates. Now is the ideal time for founding a company in this space.

A Bit More about the Role

As our sole designer, you’ll find opportunity for broad ownership. Yes, there is UI/UX. But we also have brand, marketing, content to think about.

You will be an advocate for our users, with a deep understanding of the different user categories we serve, including homeowners and contractors, as well as the personas within these categories. By staying closely attuned to the real-world usage of our product, you will also be constantly revising based on new discoveries.

As the Founding Product Designer at Get Weatherized, your immediate responsibilities will be to solve the "how" for our product. You’ll design intuitive and effective user interfaces that span from wireframes to prototypes to final designs. You will also be responsible for owning the look, feel, mood, and disposition of our app, ensuring design consistency throughout.

Before long, you’ll become a key stakeholder in our product roadmap and strategy. We don't have any PMs and don't expect to hire one in the near future–you, together with the founder and founding engineers, will play that role.


Let’s skip the bullets. Read the above paragraphs and ask yourself, “Based on my background, and my ambitious, and my curiosity, will I be able to take a good crack at this?” If so, please apply.

Example: Have you done design at a seed-phase startup before? Great! I bet you’ll do an even more awesome job the second time around. Get out all the hats you wore before and put them right back on.

Example: Have you done UI/UX design at a larger corporation and found yourself yearning for more responsibility at a faster pace? Great! That’s exactly what’s on offer. Just be prepared to tell us a story about a time you had to be scrappy.

How to Apply

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Get Weatherized, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.