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Senior Climate Consultant / Carbon Manager



Paris, France
Posted on Monday, June 3, 2024

Job Description

At Greenly, we're not just about making a difference in the world; we're about leading the change in carbon reduction. We're looking for a Senior Climate Consultant who's not only passionate about sustainability but also brings a wealth of project management experience, exceptional customer relationship skills, a commercial mindset, and a keen interest in carbon accounting. 🌱

Your Role: A Catalyst for Change

  • Champion Climate Strategies: Support our clients in defining and executing their climate strategies, turning ambition into action.

  • Conduct Carbon Assessments: Lead the charge in carbon assessments by gathering data, analyzing it, leading meetings, and guiding clients through our platform. You’ll ensure they fully leverage our algorithm’s insights. 📊

  • Navigate Complexity: With a nuanced approach, adapt to the varying complexities and structures of different companies to deliver high-value solutions to our most demanding clients.

  • Craft Tailored Solutions: Propose customized action plans, develop climate roadmaps, and construct SBTi assessments to align with your clients' sustainability goals. 🚀

  • Promote Key Features: Advocate for our unique offerings, including employee climate training and supplier engagement, to enhance our clients’ sustainability efforts.

  • Engage with Leaders: Present your impactful work to executive teams and C-level executives, driving strategic decisions. 🤝

  • Manage Client Portfolios: Take responsibility for a group of clients, guiding them through their long-term climate strategy and fostering strong relationships.

  • Drive Commercial Success: Lead commercial discussions, identify business opportunities, and manage the sales lifecycle from identification to closing with your key customers.

Innovate and Evolve 🚀

  • Shape Our Product and Processes: Your close work with clients and technical insights will be pivotal in evolving our platform and methodologies. Your feedback is gold as we strive to automate and empower users through our platform and expand carbon accounting across sectors.

  • Broaden Your Horizons: This role is a gateway to expanding your knowledge, developing sector-specific expertise across digital, construction, retail, and services, and deepening your understanding of climate strategy, from regulations to employee training. 💭

  • Enhance Greenly’s Capabilities: Contribute to the enrichment of our databases and our overall climate and energy knowledge, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve.

  • Empower Our Team: Assist in the standardization and scaling of operations, coach upcoming climate experts, and lead projects to elevate team performance.