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Senior Embedded Software Engineer



Software Engineering
San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Thursday, May 30, 2024

Gridware's mission is to create a future where power outages and electric grid hazards (think wildfire ignition) are a thing of the past. We provide a truly full-stack (hardware + firmware + software) solution for the real time monitoring of America’s critical infrastructure. The system centers around low-cost hardware platforms that are easily and permanently deployed to power poles. The platform detects and predicts physical fault phenomena, expedites repairs during power outages, and helps utilities demonstrate risk reduction to regulators through comprehensive asset health profiles.

Gridware's technology is designed to unlock essential values for other adjacent verticals. Our unique positioning allows us to solve some of the world's most burning challenges -- from helping policy makers make data-driven infrastructure decisions to helping farmers overcome micro-climate challenges. While others turn a blind eye to these aged and highly-regulated industries, we at Gridware believe it's our duty to find win-for-all scenarios that lead to a prosperous future for coming generations.

Gridware is a privately-held, YC-backed company with funding from some of the best climate & hard tech investors in the

WHY do we need you?

Our goal is to stop grid-ignited wildfires. To do that, our devices need to run robust, well-tested, and power efficient firmware. We are looking for you to help us develop that firmware. You will solve challenges related to power consumption, communications, and signal processing, enabling our devices to detect increasingly subtle faults in increasingly remote regions.


This is what you’ll be doing:

  • Develop C++ firmware for our microcontroller platform
  • Implement C++ drivers for microcontroller peripherals and external sensors
  • Work with our backend codebase to develop and test device communications
  • Maintain and extend our build system to support various embedded hardware platforms
  • Develop efficient data processing and collection algorithms in a resource-constrained environment
  • Develop hardware in the loop (HITL) testing infrastructure

Required Skills

To move forward in the application process you should have all of these:

  • Strong C and/or C++ knowledge
  • Python or another scripting language
  • Comfortable using Git
  • Comfortable in a Linux development environment
  • Comfortable working across multiple domains (hardware, firmware, software)
  • Comfortable debugging with an oscilloscope and/or logic analyzer
  • 3+ years embedded software engineering experience (RTOS’s, bare metal, etc)

Bonus Skills

Your application will have a higher chance of standing out, if you have one (or more) of the following skills or experiences. If you, however, have all of the required skills but none of the bonus skills we still encourage you to apply.

  • Strong understanding of operating system and real-time operating system concepts
  • Assembly language (extra bonus points for ARM)
  • Basic web programming knowledge (backend)
  • Experience developing hardware
  • Professional experience deploying firmware
  • Experience with LoRa, SigFox, or other Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANS)
  • Experience with digital signal processing (DSP)


Although we do not require candidates to submit a cover letter, candidates who wish to have their application stand out are invited to write a cover letter outlining one or all of the following things in a bullet-point format:

  • Where you have acquired the required skills
  • Which (if any) of the bonus skills you have and where you acquired them
  • Why you are interested in this role


We offer competitive benefits that help employees to thrive and grow. These benefits include:

  • Flexible starting hours to reduce commute
  • Health Insurance = We cover 100% of Gold and Platinum health insurance plan premiums and up to $800 of plan premiums for dependents.
  • Dental & Vision = We also cover 100% of the premiums of an excellent Dental and Vision Plan and 100% of the premiums for one dependent.
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • 401K
  • Free parking and a commuter allowance

Salary range in California: $125k - $164k

Gridware is an equal-opportunity employer. We want applicants of diverse backgrounds and hire without regard to color, gender, religion, national origin, citizenship, disability, age, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law.