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Device Driver for Linux -- platform device



Dublin, Ireland
Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Write a Device driver in collaboration with the developer who implemented the device. All hardware specific details are provided. The architecture of the driver code is provided, and the protocol for interacting with the device is provided in great detail. The main effort is constructing the shell that goes around. If you have done multiple device drivers for IP that is on a chip, then this should be straight forward for you.

Once the basic driver is complete, if you are interested, we will then begin making the driver more sophisticated. We will adapt the driver to process multiple packets in parallel.. if you are interested in this phase as well it will be longer term work, with a creative aspect and a collaborative spirit.

Note that the driver uses MMIO to communicate over an on-chip network. It communicates to PCIe IP that we purchased from Cadence. The driver also communicates to logic that we wrapped around the Cadence IP.

No knowledge of PCIe is required --> we have the functionality of interacting with the device already implemented in our hardware test bench. We also have deep knowledge available to collaborate with you.

To start, this is fully remote, on a freelance basis. There is an option to join full time, in Ireland, if both sides desire.

Note that we are adept at remote development, with effective processes and culture.


We are looking for someone who has implemented Linux device drivers for IP that is on the same chip as the CPU cores. This may be asking for too much, so if you feel you would be able to implement the above described driver quickly, please say details that help to clarify how your past work fits with the above described work. The details need to be specific and convincing :-)