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Shop Intern, Welding & Fabrication



Portland, OR, USA
Posted on Tuesday, June 18, 2024

About the Company

Panthalassa is a renewable energy and ocean technology company. We’re named after the ocean that surrounded the supercontinent, Pangaea, ~250 million years ago – the precursor to the Pacific Ocean we know today.

We are committed to rapidly developing and deploying new technologies that will ensure a sustainable future for the Earth by unlocking the vast energy potential of its oceans.

About the Internship

We are developing a core technology that will operate in the most extreme conditions the world’s oceans have to offer. Building this technology involves significant rapid prototyping, fabrication, and metalwork. Our shop supports these activities and is critical to the company’s success. As our company grows, our organizational capabilities for equipment and hardware continue to expand, and our need for passionate people skilled in manufacturing technologies will grow.

You will work with your mentor and the entire shop team to learn how we support rapid hardware prototyping for our engineering-driven company. This will include organizational and operational support for internal shop projects, as well as contributing to critical company projects through activities such as design consulting (DFM/DFA - design for manufacturing/assembly), technical drawing review, and fabrication. This internship offers significant opportunities for advanced, job-specific learning in a safe, clean, insulated, and air-conditioned fabrication facility. You will be able to engage with our deeply experienced team including engineers, machinists, fabricators, and other skilled professionals who previously worked at leading technology companies such as SpaceX, Boeing, Virgin Orbit, Blue Origin, Google, and Tesla.

As a welding and fabrication intern, you may help design and build projects such as custom carts, racks, machine guards, fixtures, jigs, and other tools for welding, machining, and assembly. We are well-equipped with a variety of current machinery and tools from leading companies such as Miller, Siegmund, 3M, Stronghand, Dynabrade, Bessey, TIGBrush, Harris, DMG Mori, Prusa, FormLabs, Acra, Boss Laser, and Mitituyo.

You will have the opportunity to learn and practice the following fabrication and welding processes and techniques: GMAW (hard-wire MIG) and GTAW (TIG) welding, print reading and mark-up, layout using hand tools and laser-cut templates, weldment fixturing on a Siegmund fabrication table system, fit-up and weld preparation for medium- and high-precision metal parts in steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, and post-weld cleaning and passivation for stainless steel weldments. You may also have exposure to the following processes: manual plasma cutting, manual torch cutting or brazing, 3D printing (plastic filament and/or resin), CAD software, manual machining (lathe, knee mill), CNC machining, manual quality inspection and metrology (surface plate, gauges), gantry cranes, heavy equipment rigging and lifting, forklift, scissor lift, and MEWP (mobile elevated work platform).


  • Practice and help support a compassionate, safety-oriented attitude
  • Assist with fabrication of prototype components and assemblies, including modifications of off-the-shelf parts to fit custom requirements
  • Learn and use fabrication equipment and processes including MIG and TIG welding, vertical and horizontal bandsaws, grinders, belt file, sander, drills, taps (power and manual), torque wrenches, laser levels, and standard hand tools
  • Build your communication skills in a working design and manufacturing environment - oral, visual, and written
  • Build comprehension of industrial prints, drawings, and process documents
  • Maintain organization systems for mechanical hardware, including labeling and building storage solutions for hardware and consumables
  • Help ensure the shop stays clean, orderly, and well-maintained
  • Help prepare and kit hardware and tooling for technical assemblies, and on- and off-site operations
  • Assist shop staff in other ways as requested


You will be required to be on your feet for up to 8 hours per day and occasionally lift objects weighing 50 pounds or more. You may have opportunities to work in elevated work areas, including on ladders and platforms, with appropriate safety training and equipment. Forklift training may be offered. Work tasks may require strenuous and/or repetitive body positioning and movements at times.

All necessary PPE (personal protective equipment) will be provided.


You will be a strong candidate if you:

  • Have a strong drive to learn
  • Want to build a job-ready skill set for welding and fabrication in manufacturing
  • Have the confidence to ask questions, especially when instructions are unclear or insufficient
  • Work and communicate well with others
  • Have hands-on experience building, repairing, modifying, or assembling physical objects, whether as a hobbyist “maker”, welder, machinist, carpenter, mechanic, fabricator, plumber, or similar trade role; experience in hardware retail sales/service, or other role working with hardware, industrial equipment, and/or metals is also valuable
  • Have working knowledge of common tools and hardware (fabrication, welding, and layout tools and terms; nuts, bolts, and their naming conventions; basic trade names/designations for pipe and tube; common hand and power tools and terms)
  • Have basic experience using computer software such as word processors and spreadsheets (Google suite especially helpful)
  • Have used CAD software (2D or 3D)
  • Have made objects using a 3D printer and slicing software
  • Have a desire to drive continuous improvement in work processes

The above qualifications are desired, not required. We encourage you to apply if you are a strong candidate with only some of the desired skills and experience listed.


Our shop is located in the John’s Landing neighborhood of southwest Portland, Oregon. This position requires daily on-site work. It is accessible via mass transit; if transportation would create a significant barrier, please make a note in your application.

Work Hours

9am to 5pm weekdays. Hours may be flexible to fit student schedules and other needs. We estimate the duration of this internship will be approximately 3 months, but could be extended to 6 months depending on project needs and intern availability.

Pay Range

$24-30 per hour, 16-40 hours per week; biweekly pay schedule


As a paid intern of the Company, you will not be eligible for Company-sponsored benefits. You will accrue paid sick time in accordance with Oregon Law. Time off for vacation or other leave must be approved in advance by your manager and be taken in accordance with the Company’s vacation and sick leave policies.

Job Type

Internship, Full-time or part time

Other Considerations

This job MAY qualify for credits towards an accredited degree or program. Please inquire with your school/organization for qualification requirements.


If you have any general questions, reach out to Tyler Russell (Senior Fabricator & Shop Operations Technician) at shop.intern@panthalassa.com.