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Digital Customer Success Manager



Customer Service, Sales & Business Development
London, UK
Posted on Wednesday, May 29, 2024
We are looking for a Digital Customer Success Manager (CSM) to join our growing Customer Success team. This role focuses on ensuring the customers in our Small/Medium Businesses (SMBs) have a valuable experience with Sitetracker that promotes retention and growth.
As a Digital Customer Success Manager, you will be challenged with developing a deep understanding of our product to build and facilitate the digital awareness and experience of our customers. You will work with the Digital Customer Success Leader to deliver content through Loom Videos, Newsletter, Monthly Outreach, and post-implementation content journey to our Customers. You will focus on user adoption, customer advocacy, and more to ensure the customers on the Sitetracker platform are retained and growing.
This role is open to candidates in the London, UK area reporting to the Manager of Digital Customer Success.

The Skill Set:

  • Ability to manage customer relationships and progress across a large number of SMB customers simultaneously.
  • Maintains a detailed knowledge of our products and the impact they have on our customers.
  • Proactive self-starter who can work with multiple customers across many industries with demonstrated experience focused on retention.
  • Proven ability to identify, create, and deliver content and communication plans that demonstrate our solution’s value to customers.
  • Analyze reports and metric trends from Salesforce to understand and determine customer experience needs and opportunities to mitigate risks and maintain customers
  • Utilize various tools (Email Studio, Webinar, Loom Video Recordings) to automate, manage, and track the success of various campaigns
  • Proven project management skills to be used in defining and executing digital content across regions, customers, verticals, etc while also maintaining quarterly virtual business reviews with customers.

Within 60 Days, You'll:

  • Build expertise in the Sitetracker product and become Sitetracker Certified
  • Develop a detailed understanding of the day in the life of CSM, CSM Playbook, and the Support team's approach to customers.
  • Have understanding of how to leverage internal tools to make data-driven decisions.
  • Partner closely with other Digital CSMs to prioritize outreach projects and content based on customer needs and goals
  • Transition and begin to take ownership of identified SMB accounts

Within 180 Days, You'll:

  • Establish and execute on a defined cadence for regular communications with the customer base to deliver value to multiple accounts at once through content, Loom videos, scheduled SBRs, and monthly outreach.
  • Collaborate closely with Account Managers to determine areas of focus to improve customer health, ensure the business goals are being met, and execute goals for retention, add-on, and customer experience.
  • Drive customer adoption through calls, content, and Loom videos.
  • All customers have a regularly scheduled cadence, updated account plans, updated adoption maps, and a current success plan in place.
  • Identify at-risk scenarios and work with internal/external stakeholders to build & enact solutions.

Within 365 Days, You'll:

  • Demonstrate up-to-date expertise in Sitetracker best practices and apply this to the development, execution, and improvement of action plans for customer campaigns, by providing advice and guidance.
  • Present recommendations to the CS Playbook and customer campaigns based on Account Health, Renewals, Support metrics, etc that will scale and modify processes to improve results and drive Sitetracker Goals.
  • Effectively contribute to the analytics and build knowledge across industries and patterns of behaviors that can be used on customer campaigns to generate ROI outcomes with our customers.
  • Participate in the development of the strategy for advanced data analytics on SMB customer goals, outcomes, and retention patterns