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Senior Industrial Decarbonization Sales Engineer

Skyven Technologies

Skyven Technologies

Sales & Business Development
Richardson, TX, USA
Posted on Saturday, April 13, 2024

About the Opportunity

At Skyven Technologies, we have developed a revolutionary heat pump technology to decarbonize industrial heat. We implement this technology through an innovative Energy-as-a-Service model that saves our customers money with no capital outlay. We are hiring ​a Senior Solutions Architect as a key role on our growing Solutions Architecture team. This is an opportunity to make a real impact at an innovative and growing climate tech company.

Industrial heat is responsible for roughly 20% of global CO2 emissions. That’s roughly equivalent to emissions generated by all transportation (including land, sea, and air) and is a compelling business opportunity – it will take an estimated $3.7 trillion in capital investment to decarbonize the sector by 2050. Skyven is at the forefront of this transformation, and has recently been selected for a $145M investment from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to accelerate the deployment of our state-of-the-art Skyven Arcturus steam-generating heat pumps (SGHPs) at manufacturing facilities nationwide, revolutionizing how we address energy needs while combating climate change.

About the Role

We are looking for a Senior Solutions Architect to drive sales, development, and deployment of the Skyven Arcturus steam-generating heat pump. The role requires providing technical support in sales meetings, ensuring technical accuracy of marketing materials, and qualifying customers through high-level analysis, as well as onsite data collection and trust building, project scoping, and engineering oversight of solution development. To be successful in this role, you must be able to have a relationships-first mindset, be detail-oriented, move and learn quickly, have excellent communication skills, and have an entrepreneurial mindset.

The most immediate needs for this hire are to prove competency with customer interactions and show ability to execute on multi-disciplinary feasibility analyses for the Arcturus SGHP. Deep experience in each scope is not necessarily expected, but an ability to learn and utilize resources required to meet the objective will be absolutely essential.


  • Execute the Arcturus Feasibility Study, which focuses on the following scopes:
    • Determination of required electrical infrastructure (substation sizing, wiring, and costing)
    • Heat source and steam demand variability analysis (data collection and heat pump annual performance model development)
    • Siting of the heat pump while accounting for stakeholder needs and physical constraints (utilities, distance to facility, floodplain, etc.)
    • Heat exchanger specification (size/performance, tie-in arrangement, cost)
  • Build and foster close relationships with customers, equipment vendors, and design partners to foster business development
  • Actively engage customers to understand their needs and priorities
  • Distill information from piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), process flow diagrams (PFDs), utility bills, equipment specifications, control systems, and other available plant data to deeply understand customer processes
  • Quantify thermal energy sources and loads
  • Calculate fuel consumption, cost, and marginal cost for industrial plants and major pieces of equipment
  • Proactively collect grant and incentive information, collaborate with vendors to attain quotes, and identify qualified design firm partners
  • Weigh customer priorities, thermal energy balance, and project economics to determine the ideal project concept for each project
  • Implement and enforce best practices in customer/vendor management and communication practices
  • Ensure Skyven can meet all contractual obligations of each project proposed based on economics identified
  • Assist sales and marketing with technical expertise
  • Collaborate with project management office to ensure the project is being implemented as intended
  • Own your day-to-day activities and take decisive action to implement opportunities you have identified