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Analytics Engineer

Software Engineering · Full-time
Posted on Friday, March 10, 2023

Who we are

At, we're building systems for responsible consumption. Our platform helps businesses switch from single-use to reusable packaging, effectively eliminating waste while driving economic ROI. We accomplish this through our innovative track-and-trace technology and supporting suite of products and services. TL;DR: We're a climate tech company building the future of supply chains and consumption.

As a team, we're passionate about solving hard problems. Through questioning, disagreement, and ultimate commitment to the chosen direction, we not only believe we will end up in a better place but that the journey will be more rewarding for all involved. We are fiercely objective and seldom dogmatic.

We encourage each other's pursuit of hobbies and experiences outside of work. We acknowledge that careers tend to be zig-zags, not straight lines. This is great as long as the time spent working is fulfilling. Basically, our jobs do not define us, but they can add purpose.

Who you are

You are a lover of all things data. You can distill answers to business questions into quantitative perspectives by building data sets with SQL and/or Python. You not only enjoy collecting and building the data sets to perform analysis on, but you also think building visualizations and reports on top of this analysis is a critical part of bringing insights to the business. You probably have experience using business intelligence visualization tools like Tableau, PowerBI, Looker, etc. You may have some data engineering experience or interest in learning, but you already know that designing processes for reuse and maintainability is essential.

Beyond the technical, you are an excellent communicator. You can take complex data sets and analysis and provide outcomes to business stakeholders and customers that answer the questions they want to know as well as the questions they didn’t know to ask. You can work autonomously, define your own deliverable timelines, and hit them. You are curious about what drives different parts of the business to perform. One day you may be building a report that looks at customer support trends and the next day you may be delivering a revenue analytics insights to the CEO. You may not have all the answers, but can work with senior business owners to help them achieve their objectives.

You want to be a very early member of a data team that the business has a long term commitment to. You share a belief that without measurement, the business suffers. You want to be an owner of the way the business uses analytics to make good decisions and perform at the highest level.

What you should expect

You should expect to be an early-stage technology company with promising product market fit. You should expect a strong sense of mission and direction accompanied by constant testing and iteration. You should expect priorities to be well communicated but subject to change. You should expect opportunities to innovate and explore new paths to be abundant if you want to pursue them.

You should expect to be a remote-first distributed team that strives to compensate above market for the given role and stage of the company regardless of where you call home. You should expect an unlimited PTO policy and a culture that promotes using at least three continuous weeks every year. (Yes, 12-days camping with no cell service is encouraged. Fresh air is good for us). We sign off earlier on Fridays, observe long weekends, and respect that some days you wake up and your head isn't in it.

You should expect to be challenged and maybe even frustrated. But you should also expect an organization that wants to hear about it, understand it, a is an equal opportunity employer.

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