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Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack

Software Engineering, Data Science · Full-time
Posted on Friday, March 10, 2023

Who we are

At, we're building systems for responsible consumption. Our platform helps businesses switch from single-use to reusable packaging, effectively eliminating waste while driving economic ROI. We accomplish this through our innovative track-and-trace technology and supporting suite of products and services. TL;DR: We're a climate tech company building the future of supply chains and consumption.

As a team, we're passionate about solving hard problems. Through questioning, disagreement, and ultimate commitment to the chosen direction, we not only believe we will end up in a better place but that the journey will be more rewarding for all involved. We are fiercely objective and seldom dogmatic.

We encourage each other's pursuit of hobbies and experiences outside of work. We acknowledge that careers tend to be zig-zags, not straight lines. This is great as long as the time spent working is fulfilling. Basically, our jobs do not define us, but they can add purpose.

Who you are

You are a senior level software engineer who can architect and develop full stack systems that could long outlast you. You have worked directly with product managers, UI/UX designers, and business stakeholders to ship excellent solutions on time and to specifications. You are a user experience evangelist and enjoy working closely with the design team to execute and maintain design systems, build responsively, and apply motion to bring the experience to life. You are equally at home in the backend and can spin up infrastructure with infrastructure-as-code frameworks like Terraform, can design event-driven microservices and APIs, and enjoy writing Python. Bonus if you have or would like to do more on the data engineering side of things.

You probably have experience developing within the React frameworks and may have made major contributions to these types of applications over the years. How you acquired the skills you have today is not important. That you are passionate about your craft and take pride in the quality of work that you deliver is important. You’ll do best if you’re always looking to improve and can connect that improvement to the business value that the results you deliver provide.

If the specifics of the current stack are important to you, you may think the following. You like front end applications built with React and React Native that use styled and functional components. You like AWS managed services and think Lambda hosted microservices written in Python that pair with DynamoDB event streams is a super pattern. You think GraphQL is a great way to stitch together these microservices. You think that data is a powerful artifact of transactional data stores and think that separating the analytics into a data warehouse like Snowflake makes good sense. You love automated testing, continuous integration, and monitoring and think all are first class considerations in the software development lifecycle.

What you should expect

You should expect to be an early-stage technology company with promising product market fit. You should expect a strong sense of mission and direction accompanied by constant testing and iteration. You should expect priorities to be well communicated but subject to change. You should expect opportunities to innovate and explore new paths to be abundant if you want to pursue them.

You should expect to be a remote-first distributed team that strives to compensate above market for the given role and stage of the company regardless of where you call home. You should expect an unlimited PTO policy and a culture that promotes using at least three continuous weeks every year. (Yes, 12-days camping with no cell service is encouraged. Fresh air is good for us). We sign off earlier on Fridays, observe long weekends, and respect that some days you wake up and your head isn't in it.

You should expect to be challenged and maybe even frustrated. But you should also expect an organization that wants to hear about it, understand it, and work to avoid it. is an equal opportunity employer.

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