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Software Engineer, Product Experience

Verse Inc.

Verse Inc.

Software Engineering, Product
San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Saturday, May 25, 2024

Job Description

Software Engineer, Product Experience

Location: San Francisco, CA (Remote/Hybrid available)

What is Verse?

Climate change, policy pressures, and energy market volatility are driving companies across all industries to announce emissions reduction commitments. Despite these commitments, direct renewable energy purchases are currently only accessible to a small handful of the world’s largest companies. Verse was created to solve this problem.

Verse’s mission is to unlock the benefits of clean power for organizations everywhere. Our software platform, Aria, is the first to leverage AI to empower companies to understand, plan, and manage clean power. By enabling customers to save money and reduce their scope 2 emissions at the same time, Verse helps scale and accelerate corporate decarbonization.

The Role

As a Software Engineer focused on Product Experience at Verse, you will sit closest to the customer in developing and enhancing user interfaces and experiences (UI/UX) for our Aria software product. You will be a part of a dynamic, robust team building on our frontend stack composed of Typescript, React, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Radix/ShadCN, and more to deliver rich, interactive, and seamless user experiences. We use Jest, Cypress, Playwright, and Vitest for various unit and integration testing workloads, Storybook for component libraries, Apache Echarts and Plotly for data visualization, and Cloudflare Pages for hosting and content delivery . Our customers rely on Clerk for user logins.



  • Build, maintain, and scale our ecosystem of highly responsive user-facing, browser-based applications

  • Collaborate with UX designers and backend developers to create intuitive, user-friendly software solutions.

  • Implement delightful and aesthetically pleasing web components and pages

  • Manage user authentication and authorization using services like Clerk or Auth0, for secure user login systems.

  • Efficiently render and present interactive data visualizations from backend APIs

  • Integrate frontend components with backend RPCs

  • Optimize application performance and scalability using Cloudflare for efficient content delivery.

  • Evaluate, recommend, and implement key frontend software systems

  • Participate in design and customer conversations

  • Translate product and customer requirements into tools, functions, features, and outputs

  • Actively participate in code reviews, maintain technical documentation, and adhere to best software development practices

Minimum Qualifications (Who are you?)

  • 3+ years of experience in frontend development with a strong understanding of frontend technologies

  • Excellent with Typescript and comfortable integrating browser clients with complex API interactions in our backend.

  • Strong understanding of UI/UX principles and a keen eye for design.

  • Ability to translate complex technical requirements into functional software, speak the language of engineers and designers

  • Proven track record of delivering responsive and intuitive UIs.

  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced, evolving environment.

  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills, with a flair for creativity and innovation in software engineering.

Preferred Qualifications (Ideal candidate)

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher, not necessarily in a STEM field

  • Senior or Staff level software development talent and up

  • Enthusiasm for Typescript, React, and Next.js

  • Experience authoring and maintaining UI Kits/Design Systems/Component Libraries

  • Not afraid to get hands on with the full stack, mostly working in the frontend with some occasional backend work

  • Experience working with Go and/or Python is a big plus (we use this alot in our backend)

  • Experience with the gRPC + Protocol Buffer ecosystem (we use Buf’s Connect SDK)

  • Strong knowledge of RESTful interfaces and various web protocols (e.g. DNS, TCP/IP, HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, server-sent events, WebSockets, etc)

  • Understanding of content delivery networks (CDN) and edge server solutions


What makes Verse a great place to work?

  • We lead with empathy. Empathy for our teammates and our customers is central to who we are. We lift each other up and strive to embody humility, selflessness, and kindness. We promote an emotionally aware attitude and culture by putting our colleagues and customers first. We respect the prior art and acknowledge those who have come before us. We never assume we know everything: every person has something to teach us.

  • We are open, honest, and transparent. Organizational and institutional trust is essential to tackling the world’s most challenging problems. That trust is built on effective communication with our team, our customers, and other stakeholders. We are always receptive to feedback on how we could do better, and we strive to provide constructive recommendations that help others excel.

  • We move with balance and precision. Life is a delicate balance between the forces of creation, maintenance, and destruction. We understand that each of these forces must be applied with diligence: When we act, we act carefully and responsibly. Speed, hard work, and perseverance must be accompanied by thoughtfulness and reflection.

  • We are pursuing a labor of love. We are passionate about renewable energy technology, and we like to dream big. We are disrupting the largest and most expensive machine humanity has ever built – the electricity system. We believe the greatest impact we can have on the climate crisis is through building elegant solutions and exceptional products that delight our customers.

Employee Perks

  • Competitive compensation and equity grant at a high-growth start up

  • Comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental and vision insurance, and 401k

  • Flexible hours and unlimited PTO

  • Diverse and inclusive working environment

Verse is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants and employees are considered for hire, promotion, and compensation without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital or familial status.